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Bob Soule


Creative Home Computing Solutions

Bob Soule

Bob Soule is the owner of Creative Home Computing Soulutions, LLC. located in Baton Rouge. Bob has lived in Baton Rouge, LA with his wife Jan for over 50 years, he has gained a wide variety of work experience along the way. He retired from IBM with experience on Mainframes, Unix machines as well as personal computers. Also, along the way he has gained more in depth experience with Apple Computers, iPads, iPhones as well as Microsoft Windows computers, both with software as well as some hardware experience. On a personal note he also has the pleasure of having all 15 (3 Children with great spouses and 9 grand children) of his family live in Baton Rouge as well. 

My Principals


Resolving computer issues often requires a high skill set  to resolve them and not have them reappear.


“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”
― Albert Einstein


You can trust me to provide the best and cost effective solution for your technology  issues. Also, you can rest assured your private stays private. 


Having satisfied customes is one of my priorities. I know that satisfied customers produce not only loyalty benefits but also new customers.

What People Are Saying About Me


Dennis L.

We have really benefited from having Bob help us synch our phone, computer and IPad. He got everything ...   More

“Bob saved my computer from a slow death. I trust his judgment, knowledge and experience, and his excellent work... More

Marsha H.
Dee A.

“Bob is MR. COMPUTER…Besides really knowing his way around a computer with the latest technology, he is an absolute pleasure...  More

Bob has been our "go to" computer professional for over 7 years and I have recommended him to everyone who comes to me with... More

Monca W.
Roberts S.

“Bob Soule turns the hassle of computer issues into a non-issue. Not only does he do great work, he goes above and beyond… More

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